Indian Summer Beer

Our hybrid beer, this rare beauty captures the best of ale and lager.
The finest Irish lager malt, crystal malt and ale yeast are the secret to her svelte body. Delicately bittered using a unique combination of three new world hops, a citrus aroma gives Indian Summer the sweetest summer glow.



We like to quaff it down with a Friday night Indian takeaway. The citrus notes also make this the perfect accompaniment for chicken and white fish dishes

Kerry Lane Pale Ale

Like any Cork and Kerry marriage this pale ale is bitter sweet! Each pour throws a full-bodied, bitter sweet duel at your tastebuds.

A classic aromaic hop flavour is acentuated by a late kettle hop addition. This is followed by warm maturation using both a traditional hop and one of the new hop breeds .

Lynch's Hand Crafted Stout

Hand crafted from 5 malts and traditional flaked barley. Moderately bittered and late hopped with US and New Zealand hops. 

This stout is as dark as our great grandfather Humphrey’s black humour and has a warm and mature flavour. With a phenomenal marriage of coffee roast, caramel lush, balanced by a clean
bitterness exploding into a tangerine, mandarin aromatic delivery.


A great accompaniment for hearty meat dishes, stews and steaks. Try it with the ultimate food pairing our Famous Cousins Clonakilty Black pudding (shameless name dropping!)

Mayfield 5 Lager

This Pilsner Lager, like the Noble Northsider’s adventures, spans the Atlantic, brewed using 100% Irish malted barley, clean bittered with three U.S. grown hops followed by a late kettle addition of Noble Hops. This Beer has charachter. Each pour is clean and refreshing with a subtle aromatic hop flavour arising from a bed of light caramel malt


The Classic brew to compliment party food.This inviting pilsner goes down smmothly with gourmet burgers, pizzas or wings. A perfect hit at BBQs a great choice for alfresco dining.